Seminar: Covenant & Kingdom – Session 1

Seminar: Covenant & Kingdom – Session 1

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How does the biblical story all fit together?  How are the Old Testament and New Testament connected?  What did Jesus accomplish in his first coming and what will happen when he returns?  Covenant Theology is the perspective which helps answer these questions (and more!) by seeing the covenants of the Bible unite in one storyline, culminating in Christ.  Join us on Sunday April 18 and 25 from 6-8 pm for an in-depth, yet practical, seminar taught by Tim Dance and Matt Kozma on Covenant Theology & Eschatology. 

Session 1 Notes:

Covenant & Kingdom – Session 1 Notes (PDF)


  1. Survey of the History of Salvation, and
  2. Why We Must Understand the Covenants to Understand the Bible
  3. ARTICLE: Your Eschatology Has Consequences
  4. If you have a copy of Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology,” you can read Chapter 25 on ‘The Covenants Between God and Man’.