Sunday School Parent “At Home” Materials

Sunday School Parent “At Home” Materials

Instructions for utilizing your Parent “At Home” Resources:

  • To access the “At Home” Materials for your child,  visit
  • You will need to create a login account if this is your first time accessing the materials. Once you have signed in, the Parent “At Home” Materials will pop up in your dashboard. Each Sunday, the new parent materials will appear in your dashboard so you and your family can access them at any time throughout the week. The system will also track your progress so you can go back to your place at any point to finish up a lesson.

Additionally, as a reminder to you, here is our current list of team leaders. Please feel free to reach out to them with any questions you have pertaining to their particular classes:  

  • Nursery: Michelle Lippy
  • Early Learners (2-3 Year Olds): Hannah Fischer
  • Pre-K: Kammy Dart
  • Grades K-1: Kammy Dart
  • Grades 2-3: Rachel Santoro
  • Grades 4-6: Melinda Kloster

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please feel free to reach out to Patrick Skidmore, our Deacon of Children’s Ministry, or Liz Wagner, our Children’s Director, any time.

It is truly our joy to serve alongside you in helping to lay a foundation for Christ in the lives of your children!