Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling

There are times in life when a person needs support and counsel beyond what family and friends can provide.  You can contact one of the pastors or elders directly if you want to schedule a time to meet with them for prayer, encouragement, and pastoral counsel.  If you are looking for longer-term, in-depth Christian counseling, please see the resources below.  On most of the websites, you can review the counseling approach and individual counselor profiles to help you choose which counselor is right for you.  If you need financial assistance so you can get the help you need, talk to any of the elders or deacons. 

Counselling Resources

Active Therapy Counseling 
Shrewsbury, PA 

Anchored Hope Biblical Counseling (online)

Counseling Center at Living Word 
Red Lion, PA 
717-893-2336 x121  

Growth Haven Counseling 
York, PA 

House of Hope Outpatient Counseling 
Jacobus, PA 

In Him Christian Wellness 
Shrewsbury, PA 

New Beginnings Therapy Services 
York, PA 

Safe Harbor Christian Counseling (online and in-person) 

Seeds of Hope (children and youth counseling) 
Shrewsbury & Red Lion, PA