Forum: Created Male & Female

Forum: Created Male & Female

Created Male & Female

A Forum on the complementarian view of manhood & womanhood.

Matt Kozma and Tim Dance teach from Scripture and unpack the Danver’s Statement as we seek to understand God’s purpose for creating humanity male and female in his image. We then hear a testimony from Christa Bottomley. A significant portion of the forum was set aside for a Q&A panel of men and women from our church.

Forum Sections

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  • 00:00 Biblical Foundations Part 1 – Matt Kozma
  • 29:50Biblical Foundation Part 2 – Tim Dance
  • 52:30Personal Testimony – Christa Bottomley
  • Question & Answer Panel – Moderated by Tim Dance. Our Panel: Matt Kozma, Christa Bottomley, Keith Lippy, George Rebstad, Karen Dance and Michelle Lippy
Forum Q & A Panel