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Resources for your Sunday Morning Worship – May 17

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Bulletin (PDF) – Scroll down for Order of Service and Lyrics

The Multifaceted Gospel Chart (PDF)

Discussion Guide (PDF)– Consider using this Discussion Guide to debrief the message with your family or small group.

Kid’s Lesson – Writing Encouraging Letters

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Order of Service


Call to Worship

Praise Songs

Community News

Message: “Adoption” — Ephesians 1:3-14

  1. Adoption means we are not naturally children
    of God.
  2. Adoption shows that we are loved by our
    Heavenly Father out of grace.
  3. Adoption is the result of God’s predetermined
  4. Adoption comes through our union with
  5. Adoption brings us into a family of brothers
    and sisters.
  6. Adoption gives us an identity and purpose in
  7. Adoption guarantees us an eternal

Worship Song

Closing Blessing