Nominations & Feedback

Nominations & Feedback

Dear Committed Members and Ministry Leaders, thank you for being valued and active members of Living Hope Church! Below are Nomination Forms for Elders and Deacons, as well as Feedback forms for all Ministry Leaders. The deadline for submission is Sunday, May 19.


  1. Elder Nomination
  2. Deacon Nomination

Each spring we ask Committed Members to nominate Elders and Deacons. Your input is invaluable as we consider who will be leading in the year to come (beginning in the fall).  Remember, elders are shepherds that cast vision, teach the Bible, and nurture the spiritual health of the church.  Deacons are servants that implement and manage the ministry of the church.  The elders and deacons together form the leadership team of the church.  All nominations will be prayerfully reviewed by the existing elders.  Those selected to serve will be submitted back to you for confirmation at the end of the summer.  As you consider your nominations, please review the Expectations & Responsibilities of Elders & Deacons


Ministry Leaders – We appreciate you and thank you for all you do for our members at Living Hope!  Your feedback is important to us as we plan our programs for next year.  Please complete all Feedback forms below that pertain to you. Under each question, we have added a comment field so you can tell us more; please do so!   

  1. Men’s Ministry Feedback Form
  2. Women’s Ministry Feedback Form
  3. Children’s Ministry TL Feedback Form
  4. Life Group Facilitators’ Feedback Form
  5. Youth Leader Feedback Form 
  6. Worship Set Coordinator Team Feedback Form

If you have any questions, please contact Corinne Weaver.