Why the Y?

Why the Y?

Meeting at the Y was originally driven by need and convenience.

In the spring of 2007, about ten families were beginning Living Hope Church and needed a place to gather on Sunday mornings for worship. We didn’t have many people or much money. After looking at a few places, we met with the director of the Y and they invited us in. Meeting at the Y wasn’t part of some grand idea or master plan (well, at least not from our perspective!). At first it really was just a matter of convenience. But while it started as nothing more than a room to rent, we soon realized that there was potential for the Y to be a strategic partner and a platform to reach the community. 

Meeting at the Y gives us access to top-notch facilities. 

Over the years God has blessed us with tremendous access to nearly every part of the facility. On Sunday mornings, we utilize five children’s classrooms. We also have meetings and prayer in the Community Room, fellowship lunches in the Activities Center, youth group in the gymnasium, outdoor events under the pavilion, even baptisms in the pool! And the Lord provides all of this for a fraction of what we’d pay if we rented or owned a building of that size on our own. And of course, in 2021 after years of dreaming, planning, and saving, we moved into our huge new Worship Center with a full stage; audio, video, lighting installed; and storage. We are blessed! 

Meeting at the Y enables us to support a great community organization. 

What’s great about meeting at the Y is that it’s never been a tenant/landlord relationship. We support their work, and they support ours. The mission of the YMCA of York County is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. They exist to develop and practice the principles of faith, hope, love, honesty, respect, and responsibility. They focus on fulfilling this mission in the areas of Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. You can see this mission at work through their school-age childcare, cancer recovery group, Parkinson’s boxing class, swim lessons, senior fitness class, and food pantry and community aid. A dedicated team of staff serve nearly 4,000 members of The W. Dale Brougher Foundation, Southern Branch of the YMCA. As a member of the YMCA board for many years, I have seen firsthand the way they serve our community. As an added blessing to our partnership, the Y offers a membership discount to the members of Living Hope. Maybe the Y is a place you can visit on more than just Sunday? 

Meeting at the Y helps us fulfill our mission to the community. 

We view the Y as a strategic center of the community and a great launching point to reach those who are looking for God. Several times a month people visit Living Hope because they are involved at the YMCA. Some of them would never visit a church building on a Sunday, but God has led them to worship with us. Many in the community know of Living Hope because of our connection to the Y. There are countless opportunities to intentionally partner with the Y as a platform for reaching Southern York County: praying for the staff of the Y, exercising at the Y and building relationships, volunteering with their programs, or donating to the cause. Or you could join us for one of the many church outreaches we do at the Y – smoothie night, service projects, veteran’s breakfast, and children’s events. We know that God has called us to reach those who need Jesus in our area, and the Y seems like a good place to start!

Why the Y? 

Well, the best answer is that God has led us here. We are still discovering all the blessings and opportunities of our partnership with the Y, and we hope to do so for years to come!