I Will Not Be Shaken

I Will Not Be Shaken

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 – that is how it will go down in history. And while we will get through this, the world is truly being shaken. 

Regardless of what you personally think about the current pandemic, this is a difficult time for our community, our nation, and our world. The coronavirus outbreak has already impacted most of our lives in numerous ways:  kids are home from school; you might be working remotely; events and vacations have been cancelled; the economy (and maybe your own finances) is taking a hit.  

As if that wasn’t enough, then there is the shopping hysteria. No one wants to be adding to the hysteria by buying all the toilet paper, but nobody wants to be left with no toilet paper! It is a real conundrum!  

Some of us are merely inconvenienced by all of this, while others are hurting in more significant ways. Some of us are annoyed and frustrated at what may feel like an overreaction, while others are dealing with a very real fear.

Honestly, a host of reactions and feelings in this situation is understandable. So, let’s be open with one another about how we are struggling – with the coronavirus outbreak and all the other struggles we face in life. Let’s be gracious and understanding toward those who are impacted differently and responding differently than we are.  

As we seek to walk with Christ during this uncertain time, we need to stand in faith, not give into fear. We need to be gracious, avoid prideful criticism, and look for ways to serve. Let’s seek the Spirit for peace and joy. Let’s be steadfast to pray that God would give our government and medical leaders wisdom and insight to end this quickly. Pray also for God to protect the elderly and those at high risk of impact from the coronavirus.

This crisis – like all the other ones that came before it and all the other ones that will come after it – is shaking our world. But as Christians, we need not be shaken. We have a sovereign, loving God who is our rock and refuge in times of trouble.  Listen to the words of Psalm 62:

Christian, wait for God. Wait on him. Trust him. This is an active posture. Waiting in silence doesn’t mean doing nothing. It means being active to listen and obey. God is our only hope. He is our Rock – an immovable force that is steady and sure when everything else is coming unhinged. Our God is a fortress against any attack. We stand on the work of Christ; and so, we will not be shaken! Our salvation rests in him. Our glory is in him! We stand on a mighty Rock, and we are not shaken. He is our refuge, our shelter from the storm. 

And so, we trust in him at all times – when we are sick and healthy, busy and bored, comfortable and uneasy, flourishing and floundering – at all times. Are you hurting? Worried? Scared? Frustrated? Pour out your heart to him. Lean on him. When God is your Rock and Refuge, you can declare: I will not be shaken!


    Bryan Rodriguez

    AMEN! Thank you, Pastor Tim.
    So reassuring to know that Christ Loves us so deeply and that He is our refuge and strength. Never resting, never ceasing to watch over His children. I turn to my own children and think of the love that I have for them. I think of how I would stop at nothing to care for them and protect them. Then I overlay that sentiment with incomprehensible Wisdom and Power and Strength and Righteousness of God. That is how passionate and capable His Love is for us!
    Matthew 6:25-34
    Psalm 121

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