Discipleship Resources

Discipleship Resources

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3.5.17 – Understanding & Using Your Spiritual Gifts – This seminar will unpack the New Testament teaching on the spiritual gifts.  We’ll help you discover your specific gifts and use them in the church and in life.

Understanding & Using the Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts

 3.12.17 – The Gospel & Personal Evangelism, part 1 – What is the gospel and how do we share it with others? In this two-part seminar, we’ll look at how to communicate the gospel message in clear and accessible ways in everyday life.

 Sharing the Gospel Handout

3.19.17 – The Gospel & Personal Evangelism, part 2 – In the second part of this evangelism seminar, we’ll continue to unpack ways to communicate the good news in clear and accessible ways to our friends, family, and neighbors.

Personal Evangelism Handout

3.26.17 – How to Study the Bible – God’s Word can change your life!  In this session, we’ll  learn and develop practical skills for digging into God’s Word, understanding it, and applying it.

How to Study the Bible

Manuscript Study Worksheet

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Husbands & Wives,

We are grateful to John & Marilyn Guido for coming and giving us their time and energy.
Marriage is one of the most challenging – and most fulfilling – opportunities we have on earth.  We believe that the investment of time in attending the seminar will be of little value…unless you follow-up!  We want to urge you to be intentional to process and implement all the principles we learned.  Below are some Marriage Assessment Handouts we used in the class that were used as the basis of our discussions.  Perhaps you could use them to continue the discussion with your spouse.  These are great tools!  We encourage you to complete these with your spouse in the coming weeks and use them to facilitate discussion.   Men, let’s serve our wives and initiate setting some time aside for assessment and discussion with our wives.
Be praying.  Healthy marriages don’t happen by accident.  The world wants to tear you apart, but God wants to unite you for his glory.  Keep seeking his grace.  Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.
 Staying lovers 4.09.17
The Five Love Languages Test