Childworker Clearances

Childworker Clearances

Dear friends,

One of our responsibilities at Living Hope is to assure that our children are in good hands, being cared for by loving teachers who provide a safe, warm classroom.  That’s why YOU are a part of children’s ministry! We need to make sure new parents and old are confident about their child’s safety when sending them to class each Sunday and or Youth Group.  With that responsibility comes the required clearances for volunteers.

Pennsylvania law has changed recently and all volunteers working with children ages 0-17 require clearances. This page provides links (as of August 2017) to where volunteers can go for those clearances.  All clearances must then be printed and given to Jan Null (Children’s Ministry) or Matt Kozma (Youth Ministry); this completes the process. They are kept on file in a secure location and are good for three years. Everything you need is below.

Please complete these 2 forms below and submit copies as designated.  If you have already completed these for your work or other volunteer organizations, those copies are perfectly acceptable.

1)  Report of criminal history from the Pennsylvania State Police. (or Maryland if this applies to your residency). The online option is fastest.

2)  Child Abuse History Certification; from the Department of Human Services, online form.

http:/ / cwis/ public/ home


Thank you for serving faithfully to train our children in the ways of the Lord. Thanks, too, for giving attention to this matter.

For further questions, please email Jan Null ( or Matt Kozma (