Youth Lock-In

Youth Lock-In

Students, join us at the YMCA in Shrewsbury for our annual all-night lock-in. Plenty of time to stay up late, hang out with friends, and have a blast.

  • The event will begin at 7:00 pm.
  • Due to the Y being open until 9 pm, we will begin the night with an off-site activity: a scavenger hunt around the Shrewsbury/New Freedom. Students will ride in groups of 4-5 with an adult leader driving as they seek out clues and try to solve a puzzle. Students who don’t want to participate can choose to skip this activity and should instead arrive at the Y at 9 pm. 
  • From 9pm until 7am, students will remain at the Y until pickup. We will have plenty of snacks and drinks and we will provide breakfast at 6 am.
  • Throughout the night we will have lots of available activities: volleyball, basketball, nerf war, dodgeball, hide and seek, other gym games, board games, card games, or just hanging out with friends. There will always be something to do! We also plan on putting on a movie at one point, looking at one of the following Marvel movies: Spiderman: Homecoming, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, or Thor: Ragnarok. The movie will be optional viewing. 
  • Students are welcome to sleep, but don’t have to! We will have a boys room and a girls room at different ends of the building. Close to Midnight there will be quiet hours in those rooms, so students shouldn’t hang out or be loud at that time. 
  • PICKUP: Please pick up your child promptly at 7 am (we will all be tired!). If a student needs to leave early please contact me: or (314) 750-4114.

What to bring
Clothes to run around in, warm clothes for the scavenger hunt around town. If bringing pajama clothes, please dress appropriately and modestly.
Pillow and sleeping bag (if you plan on sleeping)
Extra snacks (though this is optional, we will have snacks available).
Board games, cards, etc.
Nerf Guns and ammo (if you want to participate in nerf war)
DON’T bring: Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons, a lot of energy drinks, etc

No students can go outside the Y once we are locked-in unless prearranged for early pick-up
No guys in the girls room (Studio A), no girls in the guys room (Studio B).
Students should respect the YMCA facilities. Students are not allowed into restricted Y areas (offices, designated rooms, closets, etc)
Students are expected to respect one another and the adult leaders.
Students may bring phones, but if they become a distraction or are used to look up inappropriate sites or videos, they will be asked to be put away or confiscated and returned at the end of the night. 
Students who break these rules or are insubordinate may have their parents called to pick them up.

We haven’t had many problems in the past, so I’m looking forward to a great night!