Wisdom for Life – Seminar
  • 100 Constitution Ave
    Shrewsbury, PA 17361

  • @ Southern YMCA Gym

Wisdom for Life – Seminar

We all need wisdom in our daily decisions. The Bible directs us to God as the source for all wisdom and knowledge, so we can live well and glorify God. In our first seminar of 2021, we will examine the concept and value of wisdom in Scripture. Discussion will focus on the book of Proverbs, its key themes, and how it applies to our lives. 

Join us February 28th from 6-8pm as we look at: “Wisdom for Life;” a study and application of key themes from the book of Proverbs. 

If you need childcare please email the church office (office@findlivinghope.com) by 2/23/21.