Living Hope Church is led by a team of elders and deacons.  The spiritual responsibility and authority to shepherd the church rests with a group of elders, rather than a single pastor.  The deacons support the elders in managing the ministry of the church.


Tim Dance is the lead pastor.  Tim leads the team of elders and deacons, oversees the ministry of the church, and cares for the needs of the people.  He also preaches most Sundays.  Learn more about Pastor Tim.

Matt Kozma is the associate pastor. Matt is directly responsible to oversee discipleship and our junior and senior high youth ministry.  Matt also leads with the elders, preaches, and helps care for the people. Learn more about Pastor Matt.

George Rebstad is part of the elder team that shepherds the church.  George is responsible to oversee worship.

Keith Lippy is part of the elder team that shepherds the church.  Keith is responsible to oversee missions.


Phil Shughrue is our deacon of finances.  As the treasurer, Phil is responsible to manage all the income and expenses of the church.

Chuck Bongardt is our deacon of facilities.  Chuck coordinates a team to arrange the set-up and tear-down for Sunday morning worship at the YMCA.

Chris Lewis is our deacon of Children’s Ministry. Chris coordinates Sunday morning logistics for classes and assists the Team Leaders.

Allen Collins is our deacon of Hospitality.  Allen oversees Greeters, Hosts, and Door Monitors.