Church Planting Residency

Jesus calls his followers to proclaim the Gospel, make disciples, and build his church.  With secularism on the rise, churches closing, and the lost in desperate need of the Gospel, there is a great need for healthy churches all over the world and in our region.  Annually in America, about 4,000 churches close their doors, 4,500 churches are planted, and an additional 2,000 new churches are needed just to keep up with population growth. 

As a church planted in 2007, we’re excited to offer an 18-24 month Church Planting Residency which will host, train, and invest in a young pastor, so that he might be equipped to raise up leaders, plant a church, and make disciples.  We’re grateful for our partnership with the Acts 29 North Atlantic Network and the resources and opportunities this brings to the program.  While we have some ideas for the needs of our Central PA region, we don’t have a preset target area.  We are eager to work with a young church planter and facilitate his heart for our area or another region where he feels called to plant.

For all the details of the program, please read more here. 
To Apply:

If you, or someone you know, is interested in applying for the residency, please answer the ten questions here and email us at to introduce yourself and attach your resume.