Sunday Gatherings

Sunday Gatherings

We gather each Sunday at 10:00 a.m. for contemporary worship and relevant Bible messages.  Many people help transform the YMCA into a gathering space for our main worship service & children’s Sunday school classrooms.

Gathering with a Purpose


The mood will be casual and accessible, yet also ordered and honoring to God.  We want people to feel welcomed and comfortable, while not ignoring that we are gathered to worship God.


The death of Christ for the separation from sin and the resurrection of Christ for the infilling of new life will be central because this Work meets the needs of both believers and unbelievers.


Scripture will be woven into every aspect of our gatherings because it is here that we find truth that changes lives. Scripture will provide a backdrop to worship songs and the grounding for preaching.


We will lead the church with sincere, contemporary, high-quality music without being flashy or over-polished. Our lyrics will espouse truth and lead us in the praise and worship of God.


We are gathered to worship God in unity, but welcome freedom of expression to stand, sit, kneel, dance, raise hands, etc.  Each individual needs to be sensitive to both the Spirit’s leading and the other worshipers.


We will provide space for congregational prayer and the sharing of spiritual gifts. This will be a Spirit-led time to offer a prayer, testimony, encouragement, exhortation, or Scripture. This time will be ordered and defined.