Youth Trip – Hershey Park

Youth Trip – Hershey Park

7th-12th grade students and their families are invited to join us for a trip to Hershey Park on July 21. The group rate is $41 per person (gate cost is usually $75!).

Signup deadlineJuly 14th

We will meet at The Factory/church office rear parking lot (39 E Forrest Ave, Shrewsbury, next to Saubels) at 9:45 am and leave by 10:00 am. The park is open from 11:00 – 8:00. We will carpool and caravan down and will pick up our tickets at the park. Families or groups may return home from the park at different times so long as they communicate with Pastor Matt and their parents. 


  • ADDITIONAL MONEY – for food, games, or locker rentals if you wish.
  • DRESS APPROPRIATELY – It will be hot!
  • SWIMSUIT, SUNSCREEN, and TOWEL – The water park is available;  if you swim you’ll need to rent a locker probably.
  • LUNCH – but it will have to remain in the vehicle and you’ll have to leave the park and eat outside. I recommend that people who bring a lunch ride together and stick together in the park. 

If you have any additional questions contact Pastor Matt: