Dexter, Maine Mission Trip (ME)
  • 4 Main Street
    Dexter, Maine 04930

  • First Baptist Church

Dexter, Maine Mission Trip (ME)

Register above with a $50 deposit

We are headed to DEXTER, MAINE where we will work with Pastor Andrew Bermudez of the First Baptist Church of DEXTER.

PURPOSE: This trip provides a unique opportunity to unite with your family and church for practical service and ministry to a community with significant physical and spiritual needs. 

MINISTRY: Your week will be a combination of work projects, team activities, and free time. The work site will either be at a home, church, or community center. The type of project will depend on our group’s skills and the needs of the community (anything from painting to light renovations). 

ACCOMMODATIONS: We will stay at the local Community Center in DEXTER, MAINE. All meals will be eaten on site and prepared by our team members.

PREPARATION: In addition to following the payment and form schedule below, you’ll need to attend several team meetings before the trip for training and team building. 

COST & SUPPORT RAISING: Your payment covers all housing, meals, and construction supply costs. Each family is responsible for its own transportation. You are encouraged to send support letters to family and friends outside the church for donations. The church will collect an offering for the trip on May 2nd that will be distributed evenly among the team members, equally reducing the cost per person. (NOTE: all travel-related costs and participant fees are tax-deductible*). 

COST: $250 pp ages 12 and older ($150 for ages 11 and under) 
 • April 30th – Registration Form & $50 deposit per person
 • May 15 – Remaining balance of $200 per person ($100 for children 11 and under)
 • DISCOUNT FOR FAMILIES OF 4 OR MORE (first three participants over the age of 12 the cost is $250 pp. The fourth will be $150 and any additional family will also be $150).

QUESTIONS: Contact Team Leader Chuck Bongardt:


Expanded Overview 

To help the elderly and disabled, to improve their living conditions, and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in this under-resourced region, to see neighbors helping neighbors, and to experience lives and communities being transformed. We come alongside those who need a hand-up and the message that God means for all of us to live a full and abundant life.


To teach the spiritual discipline of servanthood and to apply the principles of Christ-centered community transformation by serving in mission work.

What We Do

Our Mission Teams:

  • Repair and improve homes, making them safe and warm.
  • Minister to the elderly and disabled, helping them feel loved.
  • Serve local organizations, supporting the community.
  • Bring hope to families in need, leading to transformation.


Anyone who is willing:  Youth groups, individuals, and families (all ages welcome).

Living Hope has been serving on local mission trips since 2012 – and this will be our 9th summer!

If you are thinking about going on a mission trip…you are in the right place.  This is an incredible opportunity for anyone interested in serving others less fortunate than yourself and it’s an awesome opportunity to share with your kids.  Each year God has taken us to different people and into different situations, both challenging and heart-rendering.   In 2019 Living Hope sent 18 members and had teams at 3 different job sites: all individual homes that needed repairs.  This year, in addition to helping those in the community, we hope to also be able to help Mountain Heritage Missions as they launch their new site in this area.

So what’s it like?

LODGING: We’ll be staying in the Dexter, ME Community Center. Bring your air-mattress and sheets/blankets!this year. 

MEALS: We will purchase and prepare all our own meals this year!

When you go on a mission trip, you set off with your own set of expectations.  You think you are ready.  You think you are prepared, I mean, you did the team-building exercises, attended the information sessions, and read the brochure, right?  You surely have a grip on what is to come.  Before you arrive, you and your team/family will be matched with a host family based on your skills and the jobs needed to be done (note: no specific skills are necessary other than a desire to be there).

Over a course of 3 days, you will find yourself faced with some challenging experiences and most likely you will feel ill-equipped to handle them all (where was that in the literature???)  But, it is a process and it will play out; just keep the faith.  We have found that the expectations we arrive with are not based on the truth of reality, and that life is very difficult for many who live in Appalachia.  You will be challenged mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  This is normal.  We tell you this so you will recognize it when it happens and continue to persevere; the Holy Spirit is alive and well and working through you.  The work will get done and God will empower you to do more in 3 days than you could accomplish at home in a month.  You will find that the people you thought you went to serve, actually serve you, and you will be blessed in ways much greater than your expectations could ever have imagined.  You will grow in faith.  You are the hands and feet of Christ to those in need.  And when you step out, God will meet you there…and use you (and your family) to further His Kingdom. 

Want to know more?  LISTEN TO THE TESTIMONIES from the Youth and Adults that went last year.

Think you don’t have time for a mission trip?  Pray and see if this is the year for God to use you to make a difference with Mountain Heritage Missions.